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We have the great honor of being in business for over 30 years in the area and serving all of west Morlin County. We are licensed and professional and provide fireworks and pyrotechnics for small and grand events. We put the "pow" in powerful with our shows. There aren't too many things we cannot provide and work closely with you in all aspects. We have a great record for serving well and keep our word on what we will provide. You tell us what you want and we will oblige to what is acceptable for the site you use.

When we partner with you to create a show the first topic we have is permitting. We will deal with all of the permitting for you as we are in relationship with all of the permit vendors. And the next step we need is a visit to the site of your event. We can assess the location and suggest to you what type of fireworks or pyrotechnics we can safely us for insurance purposes. Insurance is carried by our company and has maximum coverage. We never want to use our insurance, as we practice safety first. 

You will need to allow at least 3 - 6 weeks to plan your event with us. The more time we have the better. We want to cover all of the basis and we will meet and put our plan together with you. The length of your show is something we have to consider. Usually the shorter your show the more intense it is. The longer the show the less intensity it has Your show can last as long as you want but less than 20 minutes.

And if you want a show that is choreographed to music, we can do that These shows require more time as it takes time for our staff to create the music and the timing for a great outcome. But you'll get a great result when you allow us to do a choreographed event. So as you can see, we are a full service fireworks supplier in Scottdale, PA... Look no further, you found us. We will take the firework journey with you to complete satisfaction! You'll be seeing fireworks in the right way!

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