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Pyrotechnics in Scottdale, PA. are one of the best ways to enhance your events! Whether you're having a corporate event, a birthday, anniversary or wedding, we do the best job possible.We are professional and we take your guests beyond their imaginations! Our pyrotechnics are the top of the line and prove to be the safest available.  

When we consult with you we visit the site in order to get the dimensions needed to offer you the most appropriate show we can offer you. Space and the environment of your venue have to be considered, of course, in order to provide the show of your dreams and make it a great memory for your guests. 

We produce our pyrotechnics with odorless, paperless (meaning they don't leave paper behind) and the most colorful display you can imagine. Our colors are vivid and this is due to their high quality. We use only the highest quality pyrotechnics for the assurance of the best possible display. We want your event to pop! And it's sure to be spectacular! We make this an event to be remembered.

We can do many varieties of shows with pyrotechnics both indoors and outdoors. We can make a wall of color, bursting you out of the usual event with a visual effect like none other. We can also use colors that accompany the wedding colors, if that's the case. All of our colors are color coordinated for you at your request. And they make your show so much more impressive. We can also do the typical sparkler colors that so many love and request. 

We all want that splendor of a pyrotechnics display and our licensed technicians have the experience and expertise to bring that. The timing of the show is important and we have that timing down so that it makes your pyrotechnics show perfect. We know that there is no re-doing on the timing so we get it right the first time. And we will make it the best you can imagine, with the experience we have. You can end your night with a bang!

You can end your night with a bang!

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