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We all want life to be more than it can be at times and one of those times is when you use special event fireworks in Scottdale, PA.

We are the go to persons for fireworks for a unique, customized display with your budget in mind. And that is money well spent. A great memory that will be talked about for years is priceless. How many of us can actually attain that? You can, with our special events fireworks professional technicians. The are prepared to safely deliver the results exactly as you envision it. Customizing at it's best. Unforgettable, definately.

If you are planning a wedding, anniversary, birthday party or celebrating a milestone in life, give us a call and we can make that event even more memorable! We use the best in fireworks, made by the best, planned by the best and displayed by the best! We have total confidence you will love the results. And especially for a wedding, with a beautiful backdrop outdoors, after sunset and near the end of your reception. We can either help you celebrate your wedding or celebrate the beginning of your honeymoon! Fireworks are in order for both occassions. 

And if you're celebrating a milestone in life such as retirement, monumental change or a birhtday milestone, we can help you remember it with fireworks! Our obligation is to make your special event a spectacular event! And we have the knowledge and expertise to do that! You will want to recreate it or watch your video of it over and over again. It will be a lasting memory and how wonderful is that, to have a positive memory that you want to relive and watch again. It's an honor to us to produce such grand displays of fireworks for you. Call on us to be the "high light" of your special event, we're waiting for your call! 

Call on us to be the "high light" of your special event, we're waiting for your call! 

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